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Not enough space for a vegetable garden?

Saturday, October 15th, 2011 | Author:

Think you don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden? Think again. My Vegetable Garden Planner will give you tips and tricks on how to best utilise the space you have to successfully grow vegetables just about anywhere even in a small area.

You do not need a quarter acre block to enable you to grow vegetables, there are various methods you can use to utilise what little space you have. If you do at least have a garden then you can use the square foot system in which you select vegetables which are rated to grow in a square foot of space. From this you can see that if you have a few square feet of space you will be able to grow a variety of vegetables.

But one of my favourite methods of growing vegetables in a small space is to use containers. This system is particularly suited to someone with no garden or maybe just a balcony. Utilising containers you can grow a number of vegetables on your balcony or deck and it is a lot less messy and labor intensive! Of course not all vegetables are suited to growing on containers and you will have to choose carefully. And of course you are not limited to large containers, or pots, sitting on the ground, they can be wall mounted, on racks or in hanging containers. I once saw a strawberry growing system which was like a large sock hanging on the wall with a number of openings in it which the plants grew out of.

Obviously a family of four with only a few containers on the balcony are going to find it hard to become self-sufficient in vegetable but you can certainly supplement your diet with healthy and tasty home grown vegetables and hopefully cut into your food bills. There are added complications with container vegetable growing, mainly keeping up the level of nutrients in the limited amount of soil but there are many ways of solving this. And don’t despair you can still compost if use something like a Bokashi Bin (see later posts).


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